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"I am a busy coach who has always struggled trying to carry many different pieces of equipment to the field. I had the opportunity to use the Cambie Soccer Box and found it extremely well thought out and assisted me in organizing and carrying my equipment to the field in an easy-to-use manner. I would highly recommend it to any coach looking for a way to save space, and easily transport coaching equipment to and from the field."
--Ciara McCormack, Head Coach/CEO girlsCAN Football
"I managed to get my hands on an early prototype of the Cambie Soccer Box. I remember my initial reaction: 'Why wouldn't a coach want one of these?' That sentiment still rings true. I take it to all my games and all my sessions. It has very quickly become a necessity for me as a coach."
--Morgan Quarry, Coach, Bowen Island FC/Manager, Canadian Men's National Team

"The Cambie Soccer Box is a great little innovation in helping coaches stay organized while keeping wet, dirty equipment from soiling cars and homes...Just add balls and you really have a grab and go bag that covers you for all the basics of a standard practice and warm up for games." See full review.
--Gregor Young, Technical Director, Vancouver United/Soccer Blogger

"We have a number of Cambie Soccer Boxes at our academy. We not only use them for games and training sessions but we find them very useful at tournaments. The soccer box keeps everything in one place: travel papers, roster list, player cards, cones, pinnies, first-aid equipment, ice. It's very handy for our coaches."
--Colin Elmes, Managing Director, TSS Academy